Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sometimes, avoiding a problem works wonders.

Several months ago, it came to my attention someone I've known for a very long time was reading my blog to keep tabs on my life. It sounds ridiculous, given the amount of information I made available to complete strangers, but this was different.

I read a few blogs, and a few people have read mine. Some days are just reading, but some days become a conversation. You share a similar story from your life or thank the blogger for providing you with a good laugh, a yummy recipe, or for a glance at life from a slightly different viewpoint.

This particular person though, was just keeping tabs on me. To have access to my thoughts and life without needing to make it a two way conversation. I didn't like it. I let it eat at me for several weeks, then walked away from my computer.

With a month or so of perspective, and a few months of a super busy family schedule, I realized how silly it is to let someone have that kind of power over my behavior.

So, I'm back on the blog, and looking forward to jumping back into reading & commenting at my favorite blogs, too.


Slamdunk said...

WB Mappchik. You have been missed. I personally thought you won the lottery and would start posting again someday from a remote tropical location...

mappchik said...

Thanks, SD.

No lottery, but now that temps have finally caught up with the calendar here in Atlanta, I feel like I'm posting from a tropical location. :)