Friday, November 09, 2007

Beginnings of My Addiction, part 2

Today's going to be a bit short. Super busy schedule of prepress and map work, puppetmaking with the 1st graders, reading Invisible Fran, a Franny K Stein book, to the 3rd grade class. After that though, I'm hitting the road. Granted, today is on foot, but I'll get to ride tomorrow. But, back to how I met my new best friend.

October. 2007 bikes went on sale. This would include a $200 discount on the bike I needed. (Notice that I say needed. Was not a want.) It was painful to go home the day I saw the sales sticker, but I did. Later that week, stopped by to grab an extra water bottle and inquired about the availability and pricing. Was told that I could take an extra $100 off. That was it. I paid for, NO, let's say I paid adoption fees for this new member of my family:

Yes, I know. I will have other bikes. Road bikes which will cost me far more, and have all these fancy gadgets, and be made from better and better components. But this little beauty is special. First time I broke 20 mph under my own leg power. The big jump from 10 to 15 miles becoming my standard "quick" ride.

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