Saturday, March 01, 2008

February Wrap Up

81 miles. Not the 100 hundred I'd hoped for, but better than 50 miles for January. The last week or so has been a bit hectic, both schedule and weather. Big storms and wild temperature swings, combined with finalizing a city map and school projects, meant shorter rides and runs. I still made it out most days. More than one planned 10-12 mile ride was shortened to a 2.5 mile trip to Trader Joes; a couple of five mile runs were cut to 30 minutes, so I'd have time to read to one of the classes, make a dentist appointment, or to pick up supplies at the fabric store.

Fabric store? Yes. One of the many school projects going this week was putting together a roman and/or greek costume for my 8-year-old's class musical "Dig It!". (Archaeology, with a catchy beat, and a bunch of 3rd graders in costume.) NO, I did not use a sheet to make his toga. I know it's the 'normal' way to do it; we're not normal though. So, four yards of 'really red' broadcloth, a few safety pins, and one silver buckle later:

Anyway, also have a history project in the works for one child, and baked goods for two.

I realized while running this morning, if this had not been February, I'd have made my goal. A run today, and a 90 minute ride tomorrow would have put me well over the 100-mile mark. Oh well. The 20-25 miles I rack up this gorgeous weekend will put me well on my way to hitting the mark for March.

Third time's the charm, right?


Jett said...

Do you find that logging your miles motivates you to ride more?

Good luck with March. I'm happy that I'll have 5 Sundays this month. (That's my best day for a long ride.)

We're doing a Kid's Ride March 30. That will be my last chance to hit my mileage target for March. Details over at Atlanta Intown Cycling.

mappchik said...

Logging miles definitely helps motivate me.
Even though I manage one long ride each week, more than half of my rides are simple commuting trips of less than four miles. I get frustrated sometimes about not riding enough. Those little rides to pick up groceries or stop by the bank a few times a week add up to 30 miles (or more) over a month. It is a bit of an 'atta girl!' that helps me grab the bike helmet, instead of the truck keys on the next trip.

Looking forward to the next Kid's Ride. We'll be taking the incredible growing weed, I mean teenager, to pick up his commuter bike later this week. :-)