Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here I go again...

All my gear is set out for tomorrow morning. It's amazing how much more stuff I need for a winter run. Then there's the blanket and backpack with my post-race dry clothes. Probably took me about as long to go over everything as it will to run from Doraville to Downtown.

Looking at this, I obviously have very little brand loyalty:
Thermal Tights, Performance Cycle (usually pulled over padded shorts - love multipurpose items!)
Sports Bra, C9 (Target)
Balega Socks (If you wonder why they're spread out, I was checking to see I had a left and right big toe indent.)
Cotton Gloves, Asics ($10. Didn't want to lose my heavy duty pair from Brooks)
LS Technical Tee (Atlanta Track Club/Women on the Move - happens to be Nike)
Half-zip LS Pullover, Moving Comfort (Marvelously big zipper pocket in back)
Race Belt, Fuel Belt (Number already attached)
Headband, Saucony
Sunglasses, Tifosi
HRM Watch, Nike (Minus HR strap for the day)
Raspberry & Cream Power Bar Gel
Asics 2130 shoes (D strap for timing threaded thru laces)

Plus, earbuds for the iPhone. The playlist has been loaded, is set to shuffle, as I couldn't decide on a particular order. And a neoprene sleeve for my left knee. The discomfort is worse when I'm cold, so this ought to keep my joint warm & toasty. (Fingers crossed.)

I'm tired. But also completely wired. I'm off to shower and wash my hair, so I don't have to deal with wet hair at 5:00. Hopefully, the hot water will make drifting off to sleep a little easier.

As for my knee, if there's a repeat of the pain in the last few miles, and I have to walk more than I'd planned... I'm reminding myself that a 13.1 mile run/walk is still 13.1 miles more than 99% of people will be doing this Thanksgiving.

In the post-race, dry clothing bag:

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