Friday, July 17, 2009

Tire Troubles

That ride to store on the just-out-of-the-shop bike?

Beautiful ride on the way to Trader Joes. Flowers, dried apples, cinnamon pita chips, brie... yes, I did stretch a bit to create a "must have" shopping list.

On the way back, I was edged to the right of the white line by a cell-phone talking driver in an SUV. The bike lanes are useless on Johnson Ferry. White line, six inches of asphalt, then an uneven joint to the six inches of concrete & curb. No way to get around a smashed beer bottle, and not enough time to stop.

Front tire made it through in one piece. The back tire was slashed open and instantly flattened. Had to walk the last third of a mile home.


On a silver lining note, I guess The Duchess will be getting those whitewall tires this weekend, and I'll be getting more practice at switching out tubes, tires and putting everything back together. Think I'll be looking at heavier duty tires this time around, too.

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