Monday, July 20, 2009

Is multi-tasking a personal style idiom?

In putting away the laundry today, I realized I never exactly got around to my summer wardrobe updating this year. Earlier this year, I had plans for buying a couple of sundresses, finding some sandals which would fit both outdoor activities and looking cute (if still outdoorsy) with previously mentioned sundresses.

That's not to say I haven't purchased anything. I've just done my shopping with a different point of view, and at sporting goods stores.

A running skirt and pink singlet (tank) by Nike. The water resistant zipper pocket in the skirt has been a lifesaver in keeping the iPhone nice and dry on rainy or hot & sweaty runs.

A couple of Royal Robbins and Columbia tanks with built in bras, in moisture wicking materials.

Cycling skirt by Novarre (in black), to replace the thinning and fraying Sugoi wrapskirt.

My only purchases from a typical clothing retailer? One pair of khaki bermuda shorts and a lightweight collared shirt from Old Navy, to replace stained/wornout items.

My summer uniform is all about the multi-tasking this year. I'm always in one of the new tops, other technical tops or my lightweight fitted T's paired with running skirts, khaki shorts or the marvelous hiking skort I purchased at REI last summer. On rainy or cooler days, the cargo capris I purchased for $3 at the thrift store, two years ago come out of the drawer. Footwear is almost always running shoes or a pair of ballet flats, unless we're at the pool.

If an outfit can go from baking breakfast muffins to hiking by the river with kids and dogs, hopping on the bike mid-afternoon for a trip to the store, followed by strapping on the hydration belt and going for a run... that's what I'm wearing.

So much for being a "put together" mom. I know I'll never be the "stylish" or "glamorous" mom, and that's quite alright. I don't have the patience for the higher maintenance which goes with those style types. I'm long past the "new mom" style of wearing whatever will be the easiest to hide and/or wash out the various substances which are produced by babies and smudged by toddler. I'm not in the "frumpy" category, at least I hope not.

After the kids head back to school next month, I should be able to segment my wardrobe a bit more. Along with having definite times for certain activities will come the chance to be a bit less multipurpose when getting dressed. It's going to be almost like shopping when I start perusing the closet for non-sports related outfits, those first couple weeks of the school year.

It's definitely time to do a bit of thinning and updating. I'll be hitting the color posts over at The Space Between My Peers, Inside Out Style and a few others before doing any shopping. My preferred color palette has been shifting over the last couple of years. I'm starting to like more variety in colors, and my standard base color has somehow moved from black and grays to shades of brown.


Rebecca said...

You are like a breath of fresh air! I feel the exact same way - who needs to have to change clothes several times a day? And how do people who only wear foo- foo shoes ever do anything? (I know you know where this is coming from.)

Anyway, you look fabulously coordinated in your "awkward" picture!

mappchik said...


I hate to admit it, but as fond as I am of multipurpose clothes, I'm going to enjoy the luxury of changing into exercise-specific clothing and back into street clothes for a couple weeks in August. Of course, that has more to do with the return to school making time for l-o-n-g runs and rides. And I'll definitely need to change after those.