Thursday, July 02, 2009

How I spent my Mommy Pool Camp free time...

You can lead a horse to water...

...then pop the trunk bag and grab a drink.

That's a 10 calorie Vitamin Water sticking out of the bag. I'm usually a water only person, but have to switch to alternating water and electrolyte beverages for the summer months. I'm not one of those women who "glisten" during workouts in the heat. I'm a completely-drenched-with-a-flaky-shell-of-salt-crust woman. The lemon and orange low cal vitamin water flavors are okay, but I prefer the Cherry Lemonade enhanced water from Whole Foods, as it actually tastes like cherry lemonade, and not just a chemical representation. (Fortunately, Whole Foods is not far from the house... great excuse for a ride.)

Next week's Mommy Pool Camp free time will be spent as plain old "Mom" (frequently said in exasperated tone, sometimes with eye roll), as I'll be going for a trail ride with the 15 year old. OMG - still can't get used to saying that number in reference to B1


Slamdunk said...

Good time allocation. I remember before the twins were born and the older boy was in preschool half-day, I was off from work for some reason. I dropped him off at the preschool, thought about what to do with my free three hours, and immediately sped home to get the bike out for a ride.

It was like 32 degrees that morning with a wind, but I didn't care and had fantastic ride along our river.

mappchik said...

Hang in there SD... kids grow up fast, so those snippets of precious free time are not too far in the future.

It'll be in the 90s with no wind, but I'll be out again at some point this weekend, loving every mile of it.

Of course, I may have just totally jinx'd it by trying to plan free time in advance. Must keep kids from doing anything dangerous and start praying for continued sunshine for the next 24-48 hours.