Friday, April 23, 2010

After a week of playing with power tools, I still have all my fingers. I'm calling that a WIN!

My daughter's birthday is this weekend, as mentioned in last post. She wants Alice in Wonderland, which is good, because we have a front yard perfect for croquet. I found an amazing setup at a California party planner's website. It was for younger children, my budget (and time) is quite limited in comparison, and I'm nowhere near as talented as she is... but I got a lot of great ideas for how to make a 6-wicket setup a little more festive.

A lot of ideas.

This has made for one darn busy week of preparation. It didn't have to, but I tend to jump into things with both feet. Before thinking things all the way through.

What started as two double-sided wickets and a sign, has become:
  • 2 wickets, hearts on one side, spades on the other
  • hand-lettered Royal Croquet Court sign
  • caterpillar wicket to place by final stake, or used by chess table
  • cheshire cat, to be placed in dogwood tree by court
  • heart shaped rosebush with white roses*, which will be used in blindfolded "Painting the roses red" game
Not bad for three $5 pieces of 4x4 plywood (floor underlay) and $8 of paint.

*Now that I think about it, maybe I should hold off on the finger count. I still need to cut out the rosebush.

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