Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super Clutz + Jigsaw: What could possibly go wrong?

That's plain ol' orange juice in the glass... I'm clumsy, not stupid.

The munchkin is turning 9 next week. For the past four years, the "Party or trip?" question has been answered "Trip". Not this year. This year, Alice in Wonderland. But, DD decided she's too grown up for a little girl tea party.


This is why, in the middle of a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, I am learning how to use a jigsaw, so as to cut out a sign for the croquet field.... and two playing card wickets. If I don't lose any fingers, I may try a large caterpillar arch, to go by the start. We'll see.

Picked up a flamingo ring toss last week, and tonight I'll be hunting for cookie cutters shaped like chess pieces.


Slamdunk said...

Go mom go with the jigsaw. You may have a future as a general contractor--in your small bits of spare time that is.

mappchik said...

Hah! No kidding. By the time my kids are grown, I'm going to have developed a l-o-n-g list of lifeskills, and be out of reasons to use them as they leave the nest. Unless I take up a new career, of course. :)