Wednesday, May 05, 2010

TV Time - Way too much time, in fact.

Between Hulu and Comcast OnDemand, I may never get anything done... ever again.

Well, I'll get some things done. My ironing basket is completely empty, and I'm very close to the seeing the bottom of the hamper most days.

Watched The Dresden Files on Hulu last week, while stitching up girl and doll clothes, along with a top secret apron for my mom. Since it's on the laptop, I carried it along to the kitchen, to entertain me while I peeled veggies and such.

This week? I'm folding and pressing my way through Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock - I mean Raylan Givens. It's over the top, but so well written, directed and acted, that you just dive right on into the story. I love it!

Givens has a much better sense of humor than Bullock, by which I mean he has a sense of humor. But the righteous anger and good heart - both there. Givens seems so like Bullock, that I keep looking for him to come across Ian McShane running a rural Kentucky town. (Heck, probably at least half the state.)

One thing I've found interesting is the lack of awkwardness seen in most new series. There's an awkwardness between characters, but only in the way you'd expect to see when somebody returns to a place and group of individuals after a long absence. There's the work to feel out how each have changed, and struggle to avoid falling into old roles... it's played quite well by the ensemble.

I noticed a similar natural awkwardness about the first few episodes of Parenthood - as everyone tries to figure out how they fit in today's group in relation to the past.

Oh, dear. Here I am, typing about TV, even when not watching. Better walk away from all screens for the rest of the day, as I have a walk/run to take, and the upstairs of the house to clean.

But, hey... at least I'm a few days ahead on the laundry :)

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