Monday, June 02, 2008

Wardrobe 911

I'm a less common body type (rectangle), so many of Teresa's posted outfits don't apply to me directly. Her posts give me great ideas though. If there's an outfit or color combo I like, I'll work on figuring out substitutes which work for me. In packing for our trip to the NC mountains, I was having a tough time figuring out what to take, and how much to take. By the time I organized & packed up the kids, my brain was dead.

Stumped. Wait! I've seen vacation wardrobes organized by type and by the day... at Wardrobe 911!

My trip is more of the Traveling with young kids than the What to wear on a week in New York, but perusing the two posts put me back in the right frame of mind to be a bit more organized about the process. I hate the haphazard packing I often do before heading out of town. It's usually the last thing I do, and I end up feeling rather "meh" about myself in the clothes I toss in my suitcase.

There's a washer & dryer in the house we've rented, so I'll be able to wash off the BBQ sauce and muddy hugs from river wading children and dog to reuse some of my favorites. And, since I'm starting more than two hours before departure time, I'm going to try & get a few photos organized by outfit or day. I'll still end up looking like a mom of young kids for the next week, but at least it'll be me playing the part.

Okay, enough of the love fest. I'm off to figure out my shoe needs for the next week. If there's room after shoes for hiking, running, climbing in a rocky river, horseback riding, dinners out and general flats, I'll start working out my wardrobe. It's okay to wear hiking boots and bright purple wicking socks with a sundress, right?

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