Monday, June 02, 2008

Note to Self...

Take water every time, at least for the next three months or so. Even if I think "3 miles - no big deal." TAKE WATER!

I went for a 30-min. run on Friday, late afternoon. Thought about taking water bottle with me, then didn't want to carry it. On an 88 degree day... BIG MISTAKE! I got home exhausted, where that route usually leaves me feeling like I've had a workout, but not wiped. Developed a mild headache over the evening, even while sipping several glasses of water.

Saturday morning, still had headache. Wasn't too bad, so I downed a couple of advil & grabbed a pack of the Sport Beans with caffeine for during my 40 mile ride. Ended up being only a 30 mile ride, during which I downed both of my water bottles. Headache was getting worse. Every single bump I hit caused jarring pains up my neck into the brain.

Showered, cooked dinner, downed two excedrin migraine. The excedrin made it possible for me to get through another hour or two. Went to bed early and passed out. Even laying down in a dark room, my head was throbbing.

Thanks to lots of water, cups of hot tea, and additional doses of Excedrin on Sunday, I'm almost a person again. A slightly wiser person. I'm pretty sure I've pinpointed the trigger of the horrid migraine from last July. Dehydration. (It was having only two bottles along on a four hour ride last summer.)

I'm going to type this one more time, see if I can make it stick in my addled brain... Take water, Every trip.


Now, to work on the laundry which piled up over the last two days, and start packing vacation wardrobes for four people. Canoes, hikes, and river access directly from the back door. I wonder if two outfits per day will be enough. Thankfully, the house has a washer and dryer.

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