Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Croc, as in what a _____

I'm so glad The Manolo posted this. I'd like to think this would quiet my daughter's pleas for the pink crocs, but it would really just make her want to get a second pair for our cat.

Not only are the crocs dopey, they are just not good shoes. I know the kids love them, and that's fine. In most situations, they're okay. But I see kids running and biking in these things (not mine), with their feet flopping about in the crocs. That's if they can even keep them on their feet.

Two weeks ago, when my little ones were climbing Stone Mountain in appropriate sneakers and trail shoes, I saw a rotund couple chewing their child out for her repeated sliding on the descending side of the path. The girl was wearing a bright red pair of crocs, just like the ones sported by the cat above. Crocs! On a hike up a mountain. What a crock! She had no traction on the smooth rock surface, and could not stop her feet sliding out of the roomy chunks of plastic. (I won't even get into my surprise with the parents for fussing at her when there was little she could do about it. They didn't even take her hand to help steady her. Ack!)

You don't have to have a specific shoe for each and every sport, but for goodness' sake, don't wear crocs for anything where balance and tread is needed.

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