Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Activewear

I picked up this skort from REI last week. $29. Have worn it twice already, once with sleeveless polo, and once with a tee. It's very comfortable, lightweight, and absolutely perfect for kid friendly activities where a skirt just won't cut it. The wrap skirt allows for more freedom of movement than did the Columbia skort I tried. The length is just right, and the skirt portion doesn't fly away while I'm on my bike. The zipper back pocket is just the right size for phone or iPod and a couple of small essentials. I can attest to the stain-resistance; dumped a cup of cold coffee on myself in the kitchen Sunday afternoon, and it rolled right off.

In case you can't tell, I'm a fan. Might go get the darker version I saw at the store. Didn't see it available online. Just have to figure out what I'm replacing, since I'm going on a one item in, at least one item out policy.

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