Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Will Be Catalogued

I was listening to The Tin Dog Podcast episode on The Sontaran Stratagem & The Poison Sky this morning, when the host took a break from his discussion to play this song. I love it! The episode with the Judoon on the moon is one of my favorites. The little old lady with her blood sipping straw wasn't the best of the villians I've seen in my growing fascination with all things Doctor, but the rest of the story was pretty darn good.

This past Christmas, my younger son (B2) received a sonic screwdriver & psychic paper set from his grandfather, and old-school Doctor fan. The screwdriver has the blue light and makes the sound, and has an invisible ink pen nib which can be swapped out for the ball point end. B2 has, on more than one occasion, gone around the house, giving hugs or handshakes as part of a not-so-subtle plan to mark our hands or arms. This is followed by a later "sorting" of the family. The pets are marked by a post it note to the collar, which usually ends up stuck to the couch or nearest doorframe. I usually end up catalogued as "non-human". I think it's so I can be hit up for a snack, to bribe my captor into letting me sneak away.

If you haven't listened to the Tin Dog Podcast, it's pretty good. He reviews all the new shows, but also goes into the history of the Doctor, the various baddies and does a great job summarizing the adventures of the previous incarnations. Thanks to him, we've been enjoying the very first Doctor... which reminds me... it's about time to order the next set. We'll have these finished soon, now that summer's here. The later bedtime will mean we'll be watching two or three of the episodes at a time, instead of just one. Ack! I'll be ordering a set every 2-3 weeks. Maybe it's time to join Netflix?

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