Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Almost out of the weeds

I'm a bit overwhelmed this last week and a half. No bad stuff, just lots of regular stuff. Between having to completely redo everything about the medical and HSA account on the taxes at the last minute, two family birthdays, emissions testing & registration on vehicles, and volunteer time at both schools, there has been almost no time left after normal work and family activities. When I did manage an hour or so of me time, I chose to use it for exercise. Running/cycling out the crazy, I suppose.

I'm almost afraid to say this... but I think things will start to calm down over the next day or two. But for today, I've already used up 10-15 minutes of the one hour I've carved out of today's schedule. This afternoon, it's off to clean and pack books at the school media center, for next week's big move.

If I hurry, there's still time for about four miles of sanity.

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Slamdunk said...

I remember those vehicle emission tests. One time I didn't get it done until the end of the month--big mistake.