Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grocery Challenge & Supper Wars - Weeks 15 & 16

Now that I'm playing catch up after the chaos of the last couple weeks, I'm taking a close look at my receipts for the first time. The numbers are up. Week 15 was a bit of a stock up week, but there was extra spending that can only be due to shopping with 1-3 children tagging along. One child, not that tough. All three of them, and my brain ceased to function.

It was spring break, two of them are hitting a growth spurt, they were all feeling snacky, so were their friends, we were having company for a birthday, etc... I know, enough excuses.

Week 15 Shopping:

Publix - $46.54
Trader Joes - $47.42
Farmers Mkt - $93.98
Costco - $22.07
Total - $210.01
Year to Date - $2,180.39
Average weekly spending - $145.79

The following week was a little better. Between birthday dinners, but a pressed schedule (no baking time) and a pantry which had been cleaned out of all the things I normally package in lunchboxes made for another week where I bought more snacks than usual.

Week 16 Shopping:

Whole Foods - $28.69
Kroger - $95.45
Whole Foods - $63.12
Total - $187.26
Year to Date - $2,367.65
Average weekly spending - $147.97

Supper Wars -

I have very little memory of cooking dinner for much of these two weeks. The new things, and what we had for supper when Grandma & Grandpa were over are a bit more memorable - some good, some not so good.

Lobster Ravioli, Salad, Oat/Wheat Dinner Bread
The children acted like I was trying to kill them. Even the teenager, who tried it and liked it, decided I was evil. He apparently felt betrayed I didn't tell him it was lobster before he sat down to supper. (I did.) I think I was supposed to stand between him and the television screen, waving my arms and speaking slowly, until he broke away from Halo Wars. (Ugh.) Anyway, lots of salad & rolls for the kids.

Penne w/ Vodka Sauce
Made this sauce with homemade tomato sauce. So. Good. Have two more pints of the tomato sauce in the freezer, just waiting to be turned into something delicious. Recipe from Giada De Laurentiis.

Sweet Potato Curry w/Spinach and Chickpeas, Basmati Rice
Amazing, but only from the grownup perspective. Two kids tried it. One liked it. Middle child refused to eat anything but rice and green peas. (Recipe for curry dish here.)

Dahl Curry w/Couscous, Naan
After the earlier curry, I expected a big fight on this one. Didn't get one. They picked out the grape tomato halves and peppers, but admitted to rather liking this dish. Since DD helped wash & rip up the parsley & coriander, there was no suspicion of the "green stuff" in the dish. (Some of which was spinach.)


Slamdunk said...

Had to laugh about your reference to declining productivity in relation to the number of kids that is with you grocery shopping. Our best strategy is go as a family. We exit the vehicle in groups--the Mrs. takes the little girl and I give her a head start and then take the little boy. The older boy is allowed to pick which parent he wants to hang with.

We then communicate via cell phone when it is time to meet at a certain place or go back to the van. Who knew parenting would be such a logistics challenge?

mappchik said...

We used to do our shopping that way too, several years ago. I thought they'd outgrown the need for it.

Next rainy Saturday trip to the Farmers Market, we might need to go back to this.