Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break 2009: Snowflakes & Snakes

What a truly odd weather week this is turning out to be. Sunny shorts weather Sunday, followed by plummeting temps Monday and flurries on Tuesday. We got out of the house to walk around the farmers market one day, and did a little bit of patio cleanup, mixed with soccer, all bundled in winter coats. (Did I mention we're in Atlanta?) While sweeping up some leaves under the basketball goal, my sons found this little fellow:

He's a harmless brown snake, and eats the sorts of bugs which I'll be hoping to keep out of my herbs and tomato plants this summer. Nobody hurt him.

Temps are climbing above 60 degrees, so our normal gardening, hiking, biking and general outdoor play will be picking back up today, just in time for national Start! Walking Day.

Off to play outside!

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