Sunday, July 27, 2008

Half Training, Week 3

Mon Stretch/Strength
Tues 3 mile, Easy; 3 mile bike (errands)
Wed XT - 6.5 mile tandem ride
Thur 5 mile, Easy
Fri Rest Day
Sat XT - 4.8 mile hill ride (Whole Foods - flour, milk, and other heavy stuff. Ugh!)
Sun 5.9 mile, Long

Total: Run, 15.2 miles; Bike, 14.3 miles

I was only supposed to increase the mileage by two this week. Ended up with a 5.2 mile increase. I know it was too much for one week, but it's offset by the drop in my bike mileage. This weeks' rides were all store trips or family rides. My daughter trailed behind my hybrid for six miles on the Riverside bike path in Roswell. Turns out, stabilizing both of us while hitched gave me quite the core workout for the day. We'll try it again one evening this week.

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