Thursday, July 31, 2008

$125/week Grocery Challenge

I decided to take up the challenge of MSN Money writer Melinda Fulmer "Can a family eat on $100 a week? The goal was to feed her family of four healthy food for $100, or less.

Wenchypoo made a few inquiries of Fulmer, to clarify some of the rules she used during the challenge week. I don't think she's received answers yet. She decided to work up an organic shopping list for herself & Mr. Wenchypoo, while including the special dietary requirements of the Wenchkitties (Kittywenchlets?). The shopping list is here.

Since my family is larger than Fulmer's, I'm going with a $125/week budget. This will be just food. Health items and household/cleaning products will be kept separate from the list.

I'm not sure how Fulmer balanced the contents of her pantry against the shopping lists, so I'm adjusting for that as well. I have several items stocked up in my pantry and freezer - chicken breasts, oatmeal, coconut milk, my irish breakfast tea, etc. Most of these will need to be restocked over the next few weeks. Oatmeal is the exception. I buy 3-4 months worth at a time, for breakfast muffins and cookies. Less than $10 at Costco, so it's not exactly a budget buster.

I'll be doing the challenge for four consecutive weeks, to balance out the supplies I have on hand. Will be restocking as I go, so that will be part of the budget. In planning out the last two weeks of the challenge, I'll be packing school lunches for three children, five days per week. I'll be picking up a few items, such as juice boxes and granola bars, over these first two weeks, to minimize the big jump after school starts.

I do my shopping in smaller trips, since I often shop by bicycle. Haven't decided yet whether I'll update for each trip, or just give an end of week list and total.

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carla said...

can NOT wait to watch you on this as I could learn a thing or EIGHT about frugal food purchasing.

Ill cut back elsewhere (waves to SUPERCUTS) but I sucketh at cutting back in food $$wise.