Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spray Starch for the Soul

Yesterday was an odd day. Not enough sleep, in a bit of a funk, restless in both mind and spirit. Baking, laundry and ironing were my salvation. Nothing like the smell of oatmeal muffins coming from the kitchen and combining with spray starch on linens fresh from the dryer to soothe the soul.

At least, until the tree limb came down through the power lines.

No damage to house or property. Fell into the street. Didn't even take down the lines; just knocked out the power to the street. The Georgia Power crew had us up and running again in fairly short order, kind of. It did put a stop to the ironing, mid-basket.

Today's trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden is on hold while we wait to hear about tree service. There are a few more branches in the overhanging sweetgum which should probably be trimmed before the next big storm moves through.

I'll be working on my $125/week grocery challenge update, and keeping the kids occupied with some chores around the house.

And, I'll get back to my ironing. A little more starch and steam ought to set me back to rights.


carla said...


kudos to georgia power-crew.
when I lived in NC and thru hurricane fran the same crews traveled down to help us out as well...

hope your day got FAR better from there----


mappchik said...

Thanks. It did. The power outage meant a full eight hours of sleep.

The next day was fantastic, and I finished up the ironing while watching Mad Men. Perfect ending to the ordeal.