Thursday, July 31, 2008

Something in the Air

I have a whole new appreciation for Air Conditioning this week. After the night of breathing unfiltered, 80+ degree, soupy air, we're all stuffy and drippy. Benadryl and Claritin, all around. Nobody feels ill. It's just that same thickness of brain and body that comes with the height of pollen season, mid-spring. Guess there's something to those Air Quality Index number I hear on the radio each morning.

I'm headed off to the gym, to give the indoor (AC!) track a try. Might make it around more times than I care to count during a full hour, might only be 10 laps followed by a race to find kleenex.

On the bright side, this gives me the chance to spend the time running to think of fun things to say about "the family that runs together..." with runny noses in mind.

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