Friday, July 11, 2008

Running Like a Girl

I wear running skirts to the gym and trail. I ride in a wrap cycling skirt by sugoi more days than I wear cycling shorts. I like the skirts. I suppose this makes me part of the Skirt Culture from the August issue of Runners World.

They have a pretty thorough line up of choices. Longer, shorter, looser, spankies, boy shorts. The reviews just weren't good enough. Each skirt had only positive comments. That doesn't help me, any more than only negative comments would. Is a pro & con for each skirt too much to ask?

A negative comment about a tight fit from a person with curvier hips would have tipped me off to a particular skirt being a good choice for my rectangular frame.

A mention of a fit being fantastic, but there being no pockets, would mean it's not a good choice for my longer runs over the next several months.

I'm left with the same problem I had before. I still have to track down each and every skirt for trying on. A few negative reviews could have narrowed my options to three or four. Ugh.

Since I already own and LOVE my cycling skirt from sugoi, I'm likely to add their running skirt to my wardrobe. (see above) It's a similar wrap style, has a floral embellishment, and has removable compression shorts, so I can switch out with padded cycling shorts. I like the multipurpose clothing!

Anyway, I'm seriously considering the Footloose Dress, from SkirtSports. (I've also heard Asics may have one out soon.) I like the idea of not fidgeting with a waistband, especially once I hit the 90+ minute runs. I can toss a pair of compression shorts (with pockets) under it, or my bicycle shorts for cross training days.

If it ends up being my favorite running gear, I'll need to figure out a few add-ons for fall running. Don't know if the full hoodie would be needed.
Maybe a shrug? This one is from shelia moon (Team Estrogen), and though it's an armwarmer choice for cycling, might just be another great crossover piece.

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