Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Half Training, 1st 2 Weeks

I'm really glad I started a couple of weeks early on Hal Higdon's Half Training Plan. Sick kids, pop-up storms, poor air quality and a lovely new road rash on my right knee have made for some adjustments. Here's the rundown on my first two official weeks:

Week 1
Mon Rest Day
Tues 3 mile, Easy
Wed XT - Swim with kids
Thur 3 mile, Easy; Rowing (Strength)
Fri Rest Day
Sat XT - 40.2 mile ride (Silver Comet Trail)
Sun 4 mile, Long

Week 2
Mon Bikram Yoga (Stretch/Strength)
Tues 3 mile, Easy (if running w/3 kids and dog can be considered "easy")
Wed XT - 22.6 mile Ride (Group Road Ride)
Thur Off (Sick Kids)
Fri 3 mile, Easy
Sat XT - 20.5 mile ride (Silver Comet)
Sun 4 mile, Long (Trail run by river)

Wiped out while crossing an intersection during last Wednesday's group ride, so no Bikram for me this week. I can't stand having jeans over the giant strawberry on my right knee - there's no way I could manage the kneeling poses. I have to get better about the shoe/pedal combo at slow speeds.

It was a great weekend for hanging out with the kids. My ride and run were early, so the afternoons and evenings were spent swimming, watching movies and playing board games. Am keeping fingers crossed this week goes about the same as last, minus the sick kids part, of course.

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