Monday, February 04, 2008

40 Minutes!

I made it a whole 40 minutes today without feeling like my lungs were collapsing! Yea!

I was slow. Very slow. According to Runners World's route finder, it was just about 3.5 miles.

But I made it. I even feel well enough that I will try another 30 minutes tomorrow.

I may just be able to run in Saturday's 10k after all.

On cycling:
I seriously need to replace my seat. The one that came on the via narone is beautiful, but it is hard on the bum. I tried a super short ride, to test the padding in my sugoi cycling skort. It's been super cozy during 40 mile rides on the commuter bike, but fails to protect me from the minty green torture device that is my bianchi seat.

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