Saturday, February 09, 2008

Family Ride

Took to the Silver Comet today, with kids in tow. Literally, since I clipped a Trail-A-Bike onto the back of the hybrid. Fairly easy, 12 mile ride. Was beautiful. Sunny and about 60 degrees. Very breezy, but still comfy.

I completely forgot to take my phone/camera with us, so no photos, but lots of great little moments stored away in my head.

Before heading out, my daughter pointed out that the one wheel trail-a-bike was a unicycle, and that she wished she had a clown nose, so riding would be like the circus. She kept chattering behind me during the ride about how she was riding a unicycle. Didn't think much about it... until a serious cyclist slowed down to smile back at her and say "great balance!"

This is how I learned my daughter had spent the much of the 12 miles with her arms in the airplane position. I love that goofy little clown.

I also learned a 13-year-old goes from being a whiny slowpoke to speed racer when his younger sibling points out that he's slower than the whole family, even [gasp] Mom.

Finally, pulling a 6-year-old on a bike during her balancing act is a very good workout for one's core. I feel like I spent the afternoon doing crunches.

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