Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mileage Update - Mid February

Went for a spin on Bloo (road bike) today. Not long, about 15 miles. It felt great to be zipping along, fast enough to hear the woosh of the wind past my ears. Most rides over the last couple of months have been the 2.5 mile roundtrip Trader Joe's runs, or slow rides on the Silver Comet with child(ren) in tow. That's all done on the hybrid. Comfy, slow, and practical.

Today reminded me that riding is FUN!

Anyway, with the slightly longer rides last week and this, I'm right around 50 miles for the mid point of February. (The actual number is 48-point-something.) If I can stay healthy for the next couple of weeks, the 100 mile cycle/run goal is looking good.

I need to start keeping my camera on me during rides. Today I missed a great shot of geese stopping traffic. They don't move out of the way of the cyclists any faster than they do for cars. They aren't slower about it either. The geese just squawk at the oncoming bikes like a bunch of grumpy old folks.

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