Friday, February 15, 2008

Crying Over Spilt Milk?

Managed to get a little over 30 solid minutes of run time yesterday. For the first time since being sick, I did not feel there was an elephant sitting on my chest every time I breathed in.

Tackled the breakfast/lunch making mess in the kitchen when I got back home. I know, I should have changed first. But, I wasn't quite ready to hop in the shower, and it was only supposed to take 10-15 minutes...

...I knocked a half-empty cup of milk over. Directly onto the top of my right foot. That icky sensation when you misjudge the depth of a puddle, and water seeps into your shoe? It was like that, only it was MILK! Yuck.

Peeled off my shoe, and pulled out the insole. Started running cold water through the top, until the water went from cloudy white to clear. I replaced the newspaper stuffing this morning. I think it's almost dry.

No running today. I'll stick my trail shoes in the truck, and go for a walk after I finish being the Mystery Reader in my son's class. Right now, I'm off to search online for a second pair of my shoes. Really hope I can find them. Having an in-store expert help me choose the right shoe was worth it, but I think I can find a backup pair for less than $108.

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