Saturday, January 19, 2008


Somewhere around 10:30-11:00 this morning, the eagerly awaited snow began to fall. I was up and ready to run at my normal time, but purposefully put it off until the snow started. I mean, seriously, how often does a girl in Atlanta get a chance to run through big fluffy snowflakes?

Plus, now I can claim that nothing will stop my training program.
Not rain, nor sleet....

When I left, the flakes had just begun to stick to the wet muddy mess from the first half hour or so of sleet. You can barely see it in the photo.

25 minutes, 2.5 miles later, everything was beginning to look quite wintry... including me. The photo is not so great, as my camera lens on the phone was suffering from perma-fog.

Running in the snow was great. I scrunched up my nose to see snowflakes up close, and stuck my tongue out to catch a few. Was probably the most actual fun I've had on a run. Was more like playtime.

Anyway, went for an easy, but steady, pace and tried to maintain it on the hills. My only regret is that I didn't have another 30 mins to keep going. Now, I'm off to make lunch, stuff my sneakers with newspaper, and begin the mitten hunt for the small people. I hear we're building a snowman after lunch. I'm hoping they won't be too disappointed when the snow only yields a snow-keebler elf.

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