Thursday, January 17, 2008

Logging In

Ugh. Busy, busy couple of weeks. Kids are back in school, I'm almost caught up on map projects, and the house is half-way cleared of legos & barbies. Not a lot of time to post, but I have been keeping up with my running. I'm not cycling much right now. Will be back on the bike when temps are above 50 degrees. I admit it, I'm a wimp.

Here's my workout summary for January so far:

12/31-1/6 - 11.5 miles
Easy Run (2x) - 7.5 miles
Walk w/kids (2x) - 4 miles

1/7-1/13 - 19.5 miles
Beginners Running Clinic (Mon)
Easy Run - 5.5 mi, 59:06
Hill/Trail - 5(ish), 66:07
Long Run - 7 mi, 1:18

And, my updated January chart:

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