Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More MyShape

Rebecca emailed me after yesterday's review of the skirt and the MyShape shopping experience. She wanted to know about my answers to the profile questions about fit. She also mentioned the relatively small number of recommendations for her.

I think the recommendations will increase in both number and variety as she adds more information to her profile. I tinkered with the fit preferences several times, first to add information, then to change it after seeing the first round of suggestions.

My personal shop was originally front loaded with loose, flowing bubble tops and other items which would hang right off my broad shoulders. As so many other moms, the last thing I want is to be given the "is she or isn't she" look. I went back into the preferences. I found that a "close fitting" on shoulders and bust moved clothing with empire waists and wraps ahead of the bubbles. Waist-comfortable. Hips-loose. And pants were listed at below the waist (.5-1.5 in)

If you're wondering about the types of suggestions, there's individual items, complete with size recommendations. There is also a section for Play/Work/Going Out outfits. Here are a few of my 'M Shape' recommended outfits:I can see myself in any of these outfits. I like the way they're presented. It's easy to look at these and think about combinations I could make with items I already have in my closet. For example, I have a pair of slightly faded black pinstripe pants which I could use in either of those first two outfits. White tee and black cami are both in my drawer, so the sweater and jacket is all I'd need to finish these off. And... I have a creamy heavier knit shrug which I could use for a cold weather version of the first outfit.

I could easily use my 3/4 sleeve scoop-neck black tee with either those cargos or skirt. I really like the shape & pattern of the skirt ($60), and it's going on my wish list, if I can figure out which skirt(s) would have to go before I brought this in. I like the cargos, and do need to replace my old size 10 favorites, but would probably choose a different material than the silk MyShape carries.

About prints:
I'm not as big on the prints. Of the two above, I'd only wear one. That first photo is of the lovely ABS Hippie Shirt. I would not wear this. Ever. Wait. I have to modify that slightly. If someone I loved dearly bought this shirt and gave it to me, I'd wear it only on occasions when I'd be seeing this person. Then, I'd take away the checkbook, for having the lack of common sense to spend $242 on a piece of "hippie" clothing. It would actually make a beautiful skirt, but I'm not putting that on my top.

I find the second print strangely appealing. It's not just the cut, which I love. It's the fabric pattern, too. The Sweet Pea floral shirt is a happy shirt. At $72, I'm not racing to purchase it, but I'll keep an eye out during the next round of sales.

Now for the dressies, as my daughter used to say. The first dress is by Elana KaHan. It's really lovely. I can see myself in this twirly skirt on an evening out for dinner and the symphony. It's spun nylon, and a beautiful deep green. I can't remember the exact price, but think it's in the $120-150 range. Not bad, if it were to be the official dressy for a few years.

The second dress has a wonderful vintage feel. The cut of the sleeves and the smocked shoulders are both well-suited to me. It's soft jersey (cozy!) and $118. This is probably the better price per wear dress, as it could be dressed up with jewelry and heels, or go to the office with a sweater and flats.

The final item in the photo calls to my inner princess. That should warn me off right there, since I was actually a tomboy as a kid. Kay Ungers Ottoman Coat. It. Is. Beautiful. It wants to be mine. If I had the $462 to spend on a single item, I probably still wouldn't. But I'd want to.

Anyway, MyShape is running a 25% off sale for everyone with a personal shop for the last 3 days of January. If you browse through the sale items, there are quite a few bargains. I'm picking up the washable suede snap front jacket ($49, less 25%) from the first photo, so hands off.

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