Thursday, January 17, 2008

Testing MyShape

A few weeks ago, Rebecca posted about body shapes, and a website called MyShape. You go through a rather thorough process of measuring arms, natural waist, low waist, shoulders, thighs, the distance from the center of your knee to the ground.... you get the idea. Using these measurements, a personal shop is built for you based on your body type.

I was expecting to be a Y, since I have broad shoulders, slim hips, little waist definition and a rather flat rear view. According to their system though, I'm an M.

With the post holiday sale prices, and the $25 discount for the first purchase through your personal store, I shopped MyShape today. The size recommendations are handy. No looking at a different size chart for each different label. It was interesting to see. Size 6 in one skirt, size 2 in another. Love that vanity sizing, eh?

I ordered a white blouse, a pair of pants, a denim skirt and a long sleeve shirred tee. Total price after discount, $73. There's a 2 week shipping estimate on the pants, but the skirt and tops should be along sooner.

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