Friday, January 25, 2008

MyShape Test - Pt. 2

My order from arrived today! All four items were included, so I guess that 2-3 week delay on the pants... wasn't. I opened the box to find a lovely drawstring bag containing my items, and a personalized thank you note (see white envelope), and details on the return policy (free shipping). They request that you give them details on returns, so they can adjust fit and color preferences for future orders.

I'm still feeling pretty icky, so playing dress up in my wardrobe is not in the cards for today. I will try everything on, and will get a couple of photos when I can stand being out of my fuzzy slippers.

Before trying anything on, I'd say there's one item which may not work for me. The skirt, which is a really cool A-line cut is probably going to be too small for my waist... at least for the part of my waist where I like to hang my skirts. It would probably fit perfectly if I wear it exactly half way between my hips and ribs.

Both shirts will probably be great, and the pants appear to be correct, as well. I hope the pants work, because I L-O-V-E the color. Bittersweet is the name, and it is the super dark brown of a french roast coffee bean.

UPDATE: Everything fits. Not just fits, but fits properly. Even the skirt... heck... especially the skirt. The white blouse fits across my broad shoulders without being too loose around my waist. The pants, fantastic!

The red stretchy shirt I bought is more vivid than I anticipated, but since I'll likely be wearing with dark blue jeans and a neutral cardigan or jacket, not a problem. My mom has always said I ought to wear more color, and I'm finding that she's right about more and more of this stuff as I get older. Just don't tell her I said that.

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