Thursday, January 24, 2008


Saturday was fantastic. Had a big weekend of snow play, movies and housework planned. The three day weekend made all things seem possible. Then, the Sunday morning headache turned into a fever, chills, sore throat. M took over most kid matters. Somehow, it was still necessary for me to rise from the grave - sorry, bed - to fix dinner. I must have been close to delirious, because I didn't think to question that until today.

Anyway, after three days of soup, hot tea and popsicles, I'm semi-human. Still have a whole lot of congestion and sinus pressure, but it's managable... mostly. So far, it looks like rigorous use of lysol and an OCD amount of handwashing may have prevented the spread through family. (I hope, I hope!)

Which leaves me with a cup of hot lemon/honey water, bundled in my fuzzy sweater, pondering the same thing I wondered when sick as a child. Is it possible to sneeze out your brain?

I miss running. Not as much as I miss breathing through my nose, but close.

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