Monday, January 28, 2008

MyShape Test - The Skirt

I'm almost back to human after the flu, so I figured I'd dress like a real person today. Pulled the denim skirt I picked out from my personal shop at MyShape. It was the perfect choice for today, since I'm still in the mood for cozy t-shirts and warm tights.

Of the MyShape body types, I am an M. I was skeptical - was sure I should have been type Y. When I first pulled this skirt from the box late last week; it just looked like the waist would be too small for me. Maybe I just have a slightly more distorted body image than I thought.

When I tried it on, it fit. It sits slightly higher on the waist than I normally wear, but that's okay. Running is slowly changing my shape, and as the next few months shave a bit more of the stored fat off my middle, the skirt will drop slightly to just below my belly button. I don't have to worry about it falling off, as it's not any danger of ending up larger than my hips.

I really like this skirt. The 'V' stitching across the back (pictured) does something near miraculous. It creates the illusion of a curvy rear. If you click on the image, you can get a close up of the stitching detail. The front has the same detail, but the fly breaks up the 'V', so I don't have the appearance of a curvy tummy.

So far, I'm going on record as a fan of MyShape. I'll post photos of the other items I purchased as I work them into my wardrobe this week. Assuming, of course, the rest of my family doesn't come down with the bug I had last week. If that happens, I'll be in jeans and robotussin spotted t-shirts for a while longer.

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