Friday, September 26, 2008

*%!$@#@ Gas Shortages

I can't put gas in my truck. 15 gas stations near my home, and the only gas is diesel. The one gas station which did have regular gas, had waits of 30-45 minutes, a $50 limit, and was expecting to be out of fuel by the time I could have made it there.

I'm ticked. 

I don't put that many miles on my gas guzzler. I usually fill up every two or three weeks. I run to the post office. Ride the bike to the grocery store. I heard about the shortages, and the gas panic a few days ago, but didn't think much of it. I figured it would be over by the time I needed gas again, no problem. 

I was wrong.

Drove out to Douglasville to the orthodontist today for the regular bracket/retainer checks. I even combined appointments for multiple family members, to reduce the number of trips. My gas gauge dropped below 1/4, so it was time to refill. The five stations along my path back to I-20? All out. The gas stations after I got back to Sandy Springs? Empty.

Unless I check channel 11's website at 6 a.m. and find a gas station near my house with fuel, I won't be going on the big 61.5 mile ride for the opening of the final section of the Silver Comet Trail at the Alabama state line. My family was going to drive out and meet me at the state line for lunch, then we'd all drive back together. If I can't know we'll be able to either fill up the truck, or refill the car, no go.

My back up plan is to run my newest "longest run of my life" tomorrow. If  can't make the ride to AL, I'll be running 9 miles, and meeting my munchkins a little closer to home for a celebratory lunch at Slopes or KC Pit BBQ.

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