Friday, September 05, 2008

Half Training, Week 8

Week 8 (8/25-8/31):
Monday: 4.5 miles, easy
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4.5 miles, hill
Thursday: Stretch/Strength
Friday: 5.5 miles, bike; Midnight Flight 10k Run
Saturday: 2-3 miles, walking
Sunday: Rest

Total: Run - 15.2 miles; Bike - 5.5 miles

Week was pretty good. No big bike rides, as I was taking official break days between runs. On Friday night in Anderson, SC, that turned out to be a very good thing. 11pm start time. The race started out level, going into a mile of downhill. I knew in the back of my mind this meant there'd be a mile of uphill before that last stretch to the finish. Not too hot, but still humid. Did I do the sensible thing, and force myself to keep a steady, even pace? Nope. Hit the first mile marker at about 8:35. WooHoo and Oops, all in one. Mile two leveled off, then headed uphill to downtown Anderson for mile three (28:23) and the turnaround point. Nice downhill, and then back up hill for that last mile before it flattened out again by the YMCA.

My official chip time was 1:01:56, giving me just under a 10:00/mile pace. Personal best. I was sweaty, disgusting, and extremely happy with my second 10k. Enjoyed my ice cream cone, a post race beer, and sleeping in at the hotel on Saturday morning.

When I get my photo from the finish line, I'll swap out pictures, just because I think my legs look so marvelous. I think the nike running skirt I'm wearing is my new favorite. it doesn't ride up as much as my black skirt by them does, and the back pocket is a touch larger, allowing me to fit my phone, and not just the iPod. The mizuno tank with the zippered back pocket is an example of my multipurpose exercise wear. I have it in both pink and blue, and wear them constantly for both running and cycling. No chafing, no ride up at the waist. The built in bra is a bit too large for me, so I add my normal champion underneath. For running, at least. There's less bounce on the bike, so I don't have to double up on ride days.

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