Friday, September 12, 2008

Homework Hour(s)

I'm really beginning to like homework time around my house. I get asked real questions now, about how to find synonyms for words to be used in paragraphs about the planets, word origins, algebra. That's not to say I sometimes long for the days of coloring pictures which go with specific letters of the alphabet, but at least I no longer have to answer the impossible questions, like "What happened to all the blue crayons?"

From Wednesday evening, I present the incredible Double Fudge vocabulary girl:

And her brother, the Esperanza Rising vocabulary kid:

And the biggest brother, who.... oh wait. He finished his homework on the school bus, and spent the afternoon wandering around, taking pictures of all the poor souls who had to do actual work. Including me:

He managed to hide the camera from me, before I could take any photos of him. That's okay. His time is coming. When he least expects it, maybe when all gross and disgusting in the yard, or sitting upside down in the armchair doing algebra in his room (don't know why he wont use his perfectly good desk), "click!"

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