Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's for dinner?

Really looking forward to tomorrow night's dinner. I don't know which one of these scrumptious burgers from Closet Cooking will be the final choice. With a side of oven sweet potato wedges, whichever burger gets picked, I win!

Curried Chicken Burgers
with Mango Chutney

If I go with this one, I think I'll pop it into pita bread, instead of buns, unless I have time to make a sweet egg bread.

Salsa Verde Turkey Burgers

This would end up having mango served with it as well, but in slices, or juiced into lemonade. Will have to see what I find in the way of avocados and tomatillos and green tomatoes at Whole Foods tomorrow. I have much love for the avocado this year, so really appreciate Kevin's use of them in several delicious recipes.

About the big love of avocados this year, I think the yummy fats and oils in the nuts, flax and avocados are keeping junk food cravings away, as well as keeping my joints happy while I've been [slowly] adding on the mileage.

Tonight's dinner was a spicy tuna roll from the sushi joint down the street. Picked it up, along with the (baked - the horror!) hawaiian roll for my resident invalid. (I'll get to that story when I'm ready.)

Had a glass of Carmel Road Pinot Noir with my spicy tuna. Was practically perfect. White would have been too light for my day, and I really don't think I was in as much of a mood for Cabernet as when I walked into the package store. I'd purchased one of each, not sure what I wanted. One glass, sipped slowly over the dinner hour. Just right.

To my friend, who was terribly surprised I happened upon one of his favorites... remember, you didn't recommend it. I found it on my own, thank you very much. However, your comments after hearing of the purchase were spot on. I do like it, very much.

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