Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things I love...

Today was a multi-sport day for me. Rode around the neighborhood, and did a few loops on Columns drive; followed with a 2.6-2.8 mile run around the trail at the Johnson Ferry Chattahoochee Rec. Area. It was good.

I am thankful for:

The beautiful, breezy, 75 degree ride weather late this morning. It was as close to perfect as any day can be.

This view from the bridge on Columns Drive, which I pass so often, and always makes me happy. The whole area between the two sections of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, really. Marked bike lane, pleasant runners, walkers and cyclists, and lots of opportunities to watch beautiful bikes - and legs - zip by. (And occasionally, zip past someone myself.)

The considerate drivers on Johnson Ferry this morning, who gave me a little bit of extra space as I bravely (insanely) tackled the hill coming up from the river. Super slow, granny gears, heart racing, labored breathing, screaming quads... and to the lady in the gray suv, who did not give me any room at all, even though there was little traffic, and she had plenty of space to edge over... thanks to you, too. The adrenaline rush of almost being clipped by you gave me what I needed to make it to my turnaround point.

The mechanics over at the Silver Comet Depot. Thanks to the great care they take of Bloo, I knew my brakes were in good working order, and I was not quite as terrified on the way back down to the river.

The folks at Apple, for the iPod & the new iTunes Genius playlist feature. No, I was not blaring music while riding on the street. My legs were like lead on the run, after having been on the bike. Having a couple of oddball songs pop up while I was slogging down the trail made the whole thing bearable.
Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn
Cake - Mahna Mahna
The Mattoid - Burn and Rob

And, a big Thank You to my children, for not utterly destroying the house (or their dad) during the two-and-a-half hours I was out.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled Saturday. And maybe a few fig newtons, and aspirin. Two other things for which I am thankful.

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