Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am the proudest mom in at least a five block radius today. My daughter will be attending a birthday party for a classmate this weekend, and when we were ready to go shopping for a present, I asked D if she had any ideas. I expected anything from panda bears to barbie, or even bratz. The answer I heard, surprised me.

"Mom, I want to get her a journal. She really likes to write. A pretty one, not just a notebook. And maybe some pretty pens and pencils, so it's always like writing something special."

Off we went to Target, and here's what she ended up buying (along with D's comments):
1 - Woven Ribbon Journal with lined, rose colored paper
1 - Pack of pretty mechanical pencils (so she doesn't need a sharpener)
1 - Pack of colored pens
1 - Post it travel pack, with two sizes and a pen in small case (she can carry it in her backpack, for when she has great story ideas away from home)

Isn't my little girl the bestest?

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