Monday, September 22, 2008

Half Training, Week 11

Week 11 (9/15-9/21):

Monday: Stretch/Strength
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 3 miles, Easy
Thursday: 5.2 miles, Easy (but hilly)
Friday: Off
Saturday: 20.53 miles, Ride; 2.7 mile, Trail run
Sunday: 30 miles (approx), Group road ride

Total: Run - 10.9 miles; Bike - 50.53 miles

I backed off a bit on my running this week, to allow for a bit more riding. I'm hoping to ride the full 61.5 mile Silver Comet Trail out to the Alabama state line this coming weekend, so wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten how to pace myself on the bike. (I won't be going as part of the officially invited pack of cyclists, but as part of the big group of tag-a-longs welcomed by the PATH foundation.) The Silver Comet Trail is a nice, evenly paved surface, without much of anything resembling hills. I figure if I could survive road riding conditions two days in a row, then the Trail should be a snap. Saturday was a Ride & Run day; Sunday a group ride through Cobb & Paulding counties.

The Sunday course crisscrosses the Silver Comet several times, but is 90-95% roads. I really enjoyed the ride this week. It was a bit of a wildlife excursion. Horses, small furry creatures, and wild turkeys. After the duo day Saturday, the hills were tougher than I expected. Had it been a flat course, I could probably have gone 45-50 miles without a problem. Was feeling good, no pains or stiffness, except on the hills. Oh well, this is why I go, to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Weather was great. Needed jacket for the first hour, until the sun came out. I'm starting to think about fall gear now. I think a wrap skirt might be in order, to give me the option of cycling shorts, capris, or full length tights as the weather gets colder. Yes, it might be lame and girly to prefer a skirt flapping around while I ride... but I'm 37, and have "issues" with running around in just spandex, thank you very much.

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