Monday, March 09, 2009

Half Training, 2/23-3/8

Combining two weeks this time. Between rest days for sick kids (or me), map projects, orthodontist appointments, and organizing everything for 2008 taxes, I'm just glad to see how many days in my online training log have something in them. It's been a bit of a blur. Good reminder of why I always build in an extra week or two into any official* training plan.
*By official, I mean the hodgepodge plan put together from a combo of Hal Higdon, RunnersWorld and various running bloggers.

Monday, 2/23: Rest

Tuesday, 2/24: Easy Trail Run, 4.5 mi - 9:56/mi

Wednesday, 2/25: Easy Run, 3.5 mi - 9:31/mi

Thursday, 2/26: Easy Run (w/dog), 4.25 mi - 9:30/mi

Friday, 2/27: Core/Yoga, 65 min

Saturday, 2/28: Rest

Sunday, 3/1 (Snowing!): Easy Run, 3.1 mi - 9:23/mi

Monday, 3/2 (Snow Day): Easy Run, 3.1 mi - 8:52/mi

Tuesday, 3/3: Yoga/Core, 60 min

Wednesday, 3/4: Easy Run (w/dog), 3.25 mi - 10:01/mi

Thursday, 3/5: Bike (Grocery), 3 miles

Friday, 3/6: Bike, Hills (Errands), 5 miles

Saturday, 3/7: 9.2 miles, total
Chattahoochee Road Runners 10k - 57:41 (Official), 9:18/mi New PR!
Plus, since the race was close to home - easy 3 miles, getting to and from race.

Sunday, 3/8: Easy Run, 3.1 mi - 9:26/mi

It's less than three weeks until the ING half. This week will be a combo of running and cycling (hopefully both utility and just-for-the-sake-of-riding), with a the Silver Comet 10k on Saturday. Having trouble getting signed up on, so I'll need to go by Big Peach Running Co. to register. It's a much flatter course than the first five miles of the race in Sandy Springs this past week, so I might even have a shot at breaking the 57:41 time.

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Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the personnel best at the 10k. Your workout is inspiring--hope you have fun in the upcoming events.