Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rest Day & Bike Maintenance

Ran a long-ish 9.5 miles on Tuesday, and another 4 miles Wednesday. Today should be a rest day.

Except, it's a really beautiful day, 73 and sunny. Perfect for a short ride to Trader Joes. Which I can't do.

Patty (commuter/hybrid) needs a new pair of shoes. I noticed a little bit of cracking around the tread on the back tire last time I hooked up the foot pump. I took a closer look today, while getting ready to clean chain & gears, and there's cracking in the rubber of both tires, in the tread and fine cracks most of the way around the rim.

I'm not sure how long tires are supposed to last, but 2-1/2 years of riding (somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 miles) is how long these tires made it. Don't know how much is regular wear & tear, and how much is exposure to the elements during storage. The bike isn't completely protected on the carport. No rain, but it does get greater swings of temperature and humidity than it would in a garage.

I'll try the replacement over the weekend, while finishing Patty's spring cleaning. Stuck one of the wheels into the truck, and will pick up new tires tomorrow at the Silver Comet Depot. Should pack the road bike, too. It'd be a shame if I didn't go for a quick 20 mile spin while I'm out there.

If getting the new tires popped into the rim, or reattaching the brakes after putting the wheels back on proves to be beyond me, I'll drop her off at the bike shop early next week... and take the opportunity for another SCT ride.

And for dealing with the frustration of a rest day? The dog needs a run. About three miles ought to do it.


Slamdunk said...

Did you wear the new or old shoes on TUE's 9.5 mile run? If you wore the new ones, you are braver than me--I would have been too afraid of a blister.

Also, I have relaized that I need to stop looking at your blog while hungry. It makes my stomach talk with all of the great meals going on at your pad.

mappchik said...

The new shoes. I need to get them broken in, and have given up on ever having pretty feet again. Turns out not to have been an issue. There was a bit of numbness in the middle toes of both feet around 8 miles, but no blistering.

Glad to hear the food sounds good. Given the amount of grumbling from the little people, I sometimes wonder. (The other grown up in the house is unlikely to speak up, lest I hand him apron & pans.)