Saturday, March 28, 2009

Calm before the storm

Though considering today's weather, it's more like the storm before the maelstrom. I was hoping to go for an easy 3-4 mile run in my gear for tomorrow's half, just to make sure nothing is uncomfortable and everything I need to carry will fit into all the little skirt and singlet pockets. There's rumbles of thunder out there, and it doesn't look like there'll be a break in the rain at all today.

Normally, I don't mind getting my feet wet. Splashing through puddles is rather therapeutic. But not today, unless I break out the old shoes. Come to think of it, with the three kids cooped up for the day, I might need to splash through a few puddles, just to stay sane. :)

Saw what might be my next running skirt at the Expo. Jiggy Skirts. I didn't get a chance to do more than check out the fabric and cut, since they were too crowded during the demo of a "feature" I place no faith in - something about a little metallic patch in the waistband that's supposed to improve your balance. I think that sounds silly, but what isn't silly is the three pockets, and the way the waistband is built. Two pockets up front, and a larger one in back. Not tiny key pockets either. Pockets which will hold real items. Cute matching tops, too. Prices are pretty good. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the sizing info from their order page, but I sent an email. Fingers crossed on hearing back from them soon.

Still to do today, in prep for tomorrow:
  • Set up new playlist for iPhone, starting with 3-5 songs that are lower BPMs. I'll need the help with pacing, lest I forget to do those first two miles as a warm up.
  • Make sure there's enough muffins or waffles for breakfast tomorrow. They'd prefer waffles, but muffins can travel in the car, if the kids are slow to get moving.
  • Should probably have them set out clothes and shoes tonight, along with sweatshirts and such.
  • Prep gear bag for checking. Decided to use DD's old pink backpack. Should be easy to spot among all the black bags Publix handed out. Don't know quite what to pack yet. Should be dry tomorrow, but the expected temperature ranges from 40 at start to the low 50's by the time B1 is running his race, around noon.
  • Relace shoes with pretty orange laces, to show support for all the middle schoolers (especially mine) in the Run for Something Better.
  • Relace B1's shoes with pretty - I mean manly - orange laces.
  • Work out travel & kid juggling details with Dad. He's due back later today, so I have time to get the MARTA cards and map put together before we talk. I don't envy his day. Dropping me off at 5:15 am at MARTA, then getting kids fed & ready, to drop B1 off with school group for their bus ride downtown, then on to the train with kids of questionable morning temperments. And that just covers the schedule up to about 9 am.
Time to get started, since I plan to knock off early tonight, in hopes of getting more than four hours of sleep.


Slamdunk said...

You rchallenging routine reminded me of why my running life has all but ceased since the kids entered the picture. Before little ones, my race day prep was: 1) roll out of the rack; 2) eat cereal; 3) get dressed (that might just adding a ball cap to whatever I slept in); and 4) run.

Good skill with the run tomorrow.

carla said...

ooooh frick :)
now I want one of those skirts

Im so easy that way.


mappchik said...

Slamdunk -

Good skill. Thanks, I like that! Turned out to be less of a matter of skill, and more a matter of pure orneriness. My left knee quit cooperating around mile 9, with several rolling hills still to go.

Beautiful course, fantastic volunteers, but not my best race. Colder than expected, with none of the "partly sunny" I'd seen on the weather forecast.

MizFit -
Just got an email from Cindy at Jiggy Skirts with sizing info. They're still working on the website & online payments, but I can place an order by phone. Will do later this week. I think I'll be girly & order the matching top. Can't wait!