Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Half Training, 3/9-3/15

Monday, 3/9: Yoga/Core, 30 min

Tuesday, 3/10: Easy Bike, 15.75 miles (16.2 mph)

Wednesday, 3/11: Easy Run, 4.6 miles (9:59/mi)

Thursday, 3/12: Easy Run, 3.1 miles (8:54/mi)

Friday, 3/13: Rest

Saturday, 3/14: Silver Comet 10k Race (8:51/mi)

Sunday, 3/15: Rest*

*If mopping up the wet leaves and muddy footprint (twice), couple hours of pushing the cart around the crowded farmers market, three loads of laundry, two to three hours of cooking, and 90 minutes of ironing counts as rest.

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