Thursday, May 14, 2009

I don't want to run

Patty and The Duchess are calling to me from across the front room, tucked into the official bicycle parking behind the piano. Pleading to be taken out for a spin in the spring morning. I have to ignore them.

It's now only one month until the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile up in Manitou Springs, Colorado. It was my idea to sign up for a vacation race in a beautiful destination for my birthday. It's a stop on our cross-country trek this June. It will be gorgeous, but if there's going to be a hope of surviving hill after hill at higher elevations (6,210' up to 6,530'), it's got to be all about the hills here in humid ol' Atlanta for the next few weeks.


Will be keeping photos like this in mind while lacing up the shoes, even though the course elevation map (see below) will be right there with it.

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Slamdunk said...

I am jealous--hope you have fun though. I only ran a race once on vacation. It was a 10K in rural West Virginia. Had to get up and drive there way to early and never seemed to get my energy.

The race was fun and I even got an award. No, not for time, but for traveling the longest distance--I probably was the only runner that lived more than 20 miles from the general store where the competition started.