Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nutmeg? Cinnamon?

She's mine. I'll have the fellows at my LBS take a look at her and make the list of what I can do and what I'll need their help with. Will see if I can pick up replacement tires tomorrow but, other than that, I think I can ride it as-is, while I'm scrubbing off the little bits of surface rust and doing the other work.

This style bike rides completely different from my hybrid. Even though I thought I was sitting up straight on the store trips, it's only in comparison to the road bike. On this, I'm sitting up completely straight, and looking at head on.

If B2 (the official bike maintenance helper) and I have the new tires on, I'll be riding the riverside paths with some combination of children this weekend. Super excited. Will need to pack a snack basket for a mini-picnic, wear a skirt... and maybe a hat. (Not to be confused with ballcap.)

Just need a name. Since I have Peppermint Patty (hybrid - minty green), and Blooregard Q Kazoo - Bloo for short - the kids' name for my blue Bianchi road bike, I think a color related name is in order. The color is a rich coffee, but Nutmeg leads to "Meg", and Cinnamon is the name of the princess in one of the bedtime stories my daughter thinks she's outgrown.

On a tangent... with eight bikes for five people, plus two trail-a-bikes, storage is now officially an issue.

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