Friday, May 08, 2009

Touchy Subjects

Tonight's 20/20 John Stossel special, You Cant Even Talk About It, is tackling some of those touchy questions. Would allowing commercial breeding of endangered species for skins and body parts do a better job of saving them than current bans? Should a pregnant woman lose her job? Just in case I'm up to my neck in a family-wide Munchkin grudge match, the DVR is set.

I can't embed the teaser video clips from ABC, but here's the links:

Activists fight over how to save tigers

Stuck on a cliff? It should cost you

What if pregnancy came with a pink slip?


Slamdunk said...

Sounds interesting--thanks for the tip (Munchkins will be in full force tonight here too)...

mappchik said...

Munchkins are in full force here every night... but Munchkin (card game) was at the center of the grudge match last night. There had been more senseless item cursing and backstabbing than we usually see, and a couple people were out for revenge on a former ally*.

*That would be me. I chose to play the game less like "mom" last time, and more like someone who actually cares about winning. Gave them fair warning though, that I intended to use all my cards.

Hope your weekend got off to a great start, SD.

Slamdunk said...

ahh--my mistake then. Thanks for the clarification on Munchkin and it sounds like a heated competition developing there. AKA: lots of fun.