Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer is just around the corner

Survived both elementary school field days, normal reading times, 8th grade dance, early dismissal, baking 18 dozen cookies (Pepparkakor & Anzac Biscuits), cooked 160 Swedish Meatballs and several pounds of Lemon Myrtle Shrimp Salad. Even managed to get hot item to school hot, and cold item still cold... without spilling anything on the way.

This morning's clean up at the middle school marks the end of the busiest four "mom" days of the year. With next week being the final week of school, next Wednesday thru Friday should be just as insane. Will be enjoying a frosty beverage when I get home to celebrate the next two days, where the demands on brain power and time will be limited to immediate family.


carla said...

I get torn when I read posts like this.
Im sooo looking forward to the Toddler being in school and my involvement in that.
and it sounds really freakin tiring as well :)

mappchik said...

I fully admit enjoying my normal volunteer jobs of reading to kidlets in class and shelving books in the media center far more than the big noisy activities... but, it's loads of fun, even if it does leave my brain completely addled.